Multiple Challenges Accepted!

Whilst training along Route 206, south of Eterna City, my pitiful Magikarp, ‘Jormungand’, finally evolved into the mighty Gyarados. His Ability is now Intimidate, and as one of the best Abilities in the game, will be really useful in general.

Proceeding along Route 207, I met a man who gifted me with an unusual artefact – the Odd Keystone. For those of you who don’t know, this is the only way in Platinum of being able to encounter a rare Spiritomb. It’s not a Legendary Pokémon, but it has absolutely no weaknesses, and was made of the souls of the damned during a satanic ritual/sacrifice. Nice work, GameFreak. If I can capture it, I’d love to integrate it into my party. However, there are some things I must take care of first… Namely, Hearthome City’s Gym Leader, Fantina!

I couldn’t help but wonder; what is it with GameFreak and religion in this game? I mean, they’ve got a church, or a building that looks like a house of prayer where, upon entering, all the in-game music stops dead and anyone you talk to inside muses on mostly metaphysical philosophical issues regarding life. Wasn’t this a bit risky for them..? I mean I know in Gen III we apparently had the Pokémon who created the seas and formed the landmass of the Pokémon World, as well as the Pokémon who represent each Age of Man (Stone, Ice, Iron), but this is kinda pushing the boat out there…

Not to mention that in this Gen we have a Pokémon God now, the Christ-like figure, not just some random Deities for different things. We have creation Pokémon for time, space, and antimatter. Apparently Sinnoh has the oldest and longest past of any of the regions. They have the Snowpoint Temple where they imprisoned Regigigas. There’s Mt. Coronet, where apparently the whole region – and I’m assuming, the very World (maybe even the Universe) – came into being from. There’s creation myths and legends in the Canalve Library. The Legendary Trio – Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf – were apparently the ones who gave humans knowledge, emotion, and willpower. There are ancient cave paintings across the region, including a cave containing Unown, similar to that in Johto. And here, in this Church, on the stained glass, there’s a visual of the skies above Mt. Coronet shining with light. I mean I’m not complaining, I think it’s awesome, but way to shove it in our faces, Nintendo…

Heh, previous Gen Pokéreferences… So yeah, I got an Eevee. I’ll probably evolve it into Espeon, assuming he survives this harsh world. I then went on to face Fantina. Let this be on record: I hate her Mismagius. Hate it. It is a giant asshat. It killed Testudo the Shellos. It was only by switching out to Bidoof against a Shadow Ball so I could heal Gyarados that I got it with a few Bites. Then the only way I was able to beat her Haunter was by switching out to Eevee whilst I healed Gyarados again – not one of its damaging attacks could hit it – then rotating the switches to build up Intimidates against it, as all it used were Physical moves. It fell easily in the end, and I got my fourth Sinnoh Gym Badge.

Afterwards, I took a stroll in Amity Square to ease the tensions from the battle. I soon realised, however, that taking a walk in the Square completely restores your Party, so I guess I won’t be able to visit there again until post-game… Don’t judge me, I’m doing the game blind here, I don’t remember details like that. In other news, my rival Omega challenged me to a battle, using a bullsh*t tactic involving Double Team and Sand-Attack. I mean what the hell man, who doesn’t play by Smogon any more? You can go f*ck yourself, you d*ck.

He fell. Eventually. Stupid evasion…

Well yeah it does, you’re just an incompetent f*ck who doesn’t understand jack sh*t about Pokémon. Such a little b*tch. Smogon rules, Evasion Clasuse at least or nothing, jerk.

… I sincerely hope this is a case of ‘no homo’.

I restored the Hallowed Tower on Route 209. Now all I need to do is talk to 32 people underground (not including NPC’s) and I’ll have the chance to encounter Spiritomb. I shall set this as my first real in-game side-challenge! The capture of Spritomb!

I’ll spend the night in Solaceon Town. There’s not much for me to do here apart from explore the Ruins and climb the Lost Tower. I’ll continue my journey in the morning. For now, here’s my team so far (I’ll nickname my Eevee when I think of a suitable nickname):

Oh yeah, and I caught a Roserade, then named her after the Japanese blossom-princess spirit/god/deity, but abbreviating her name to Konohana. Enigma, signing off!

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Sinnoh’s Most Haunted

It was time to uncover the mysteries of the Old Chateau. At 9pm, I ventured in and started to dig around for clues as to the events that took place there. All I found was an old diary entry:

It probably said something along the lines of “Something so peculiar should make off with the motor.” Yes, my friends. It looks like we’re dealing with a Rotom.
Upon exploration of the upper floors, I found a television; a little out-of-place for such a beaten-up shell of a chateau.

I entered a long, hard-won battle with a stray Rotom that ended in its capture. For a Lv. 20 Rotom, it certainly succeeded in packing a punch. It was a caught in an ordinary Pokéball; only just. I nicknamed it ‘Voltegeist’!

I hope to obtain access to Rotom’s other forms at a later point during the game. Unlike in X and Y, Rotom does not change Type when his Form changes. So, the only difference is the moves available to each different Form. I had also captured a Gastly called Ryuk here but it died facing the Rotom… This new addition to my party, however, will be extremely welcome, especially seeing as I don’t have an Electric-type on my team. For now, it’s goodbye to the Old Chateau. Next stop: Hearthome City.


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Team Update

Team Update

Pithicos the Monferno; Testudo the Shellos; Pythia the Kadabra;
Jormungand the Magikarp; Ryuk the Gastly; Artemisia the Bidoof.

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February 2, 2014 · 9:39 am

New Enemies and Enigmatic Tales…

Firstly, I would like to dedicate this post to the brave Pokemon who recently fell defending me against the forces of Team Galactic and the power of Eterna’s Gym Leader, Gardenia:

  • Hwyaden, the Psyduck
  • Raidramon, the Shinx
  • Tytannial, the Budeau
  • Goober, the Bidoof

May you all rest peacefully in the arms of our Lords Arceus and Goomy (although he doesn’t come along until Gen 6, so let’s just go with Arceus for now)…

ImageNow, to detailing my journey thus far! Many exciting things have happened since I last posted. From Oreburugh City, I wended my weary way back to Jubilife, where I encountered the mysterious Team Galactic harassing Professor Rowan. Joining forces with Dawn, they proved to be a piece of cake, and scarpered.ImageAfter dealing with that nuisance, I faced the trek North towards Floaroma Town – according to legend, this was the home of the legendary Pokemon Shaymin before it made its home on Flower Paradise. ImageThwarting Team Galactic’s plans here took its toll on my party, and Hwyaden the Psyduck was the unlucky soul to face the repercussions of battle. He fainted, and was subsequently PermaBoxed. ImageWith a heavy heart, and one valuable team member down, I continued North into Eterna Forest. However, before I knew it, another Pokemon joined my team in the shape of Testudo the Shellos! Testudo has large yellow feet to fill, but I’m sure we’ll get her there. Upon reaching the Forest, I teamed up with Cheryl and her Chansey – a valuable addition to the party!ImageBattling alongside Cheryl helped Pythia the Abra reach her first stage of evolution, and finally became a Kadabra!!ImageFrom that point onwards, the Trainers of the Forest fell like flies, and we managed to escape with our teams intact. I proceeded into Eterna City, after an ominous warning from Cheryl regarding the Old Chateau…Image   I will return soon to perhaps uncover some of its mysteries. For now, however, there’s work to do! I obtained an Explorer Kit from a kindly old man, which I will most certainly be putting to very good use. Sighting Cyrus at the City’s Pokemon Statue, I ran into the woman of my dreams; Cynthia!!Image She said that she hoped we’d meet again, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious between us.Image     I won’t lie, the second Gym was a long, hard slog; especially seeing as I did not want to overuse Pithicos the Monferno, who was already several levels higher than everyone else. It was here that Goober the Bidoof fell valiantly, with honour, and dignity, and wi- PFFFAHAHAH who am I kidding, it’s a Bidoof, it has no self-respect… ImageAnyway, it was tough going, but I secured a victory from Gardenia and earned my second Gym Badge!ImageHowever, the job was far from done here in Eterna. Team Galactic’s pestilence was still rife among the streets. So, with a weary party, and HM01 Cut at my disposal, I infiltrated their headquarters.ImageTeam Galactic’s demise in Eterna came at the cost of yet another two valued member of my party: Tytannial the Budeau, and Raidramon the Shinx. Unfortunately, the little sapling and the poor cub just couldn’t keep up, and they fell battling the beast that is Mars’ Skuntank. Having washed Galactic’s filth from Eterna’s present, I went to sort out some old business… at the Chateau. Here, I will camp out, and wait until nightfall… Perhaps then, I shall uncover the mysteries of the Old Chateau.


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All Journeys Start Somewhere…

With my Trainer ID ending in a 5, I got to pick Chimchar who I nicknamed ‘Pithicos’ after the Ancient Greek word for ‘monkey’. I have never played through this Generation with a Chimchar before so this should be a new experience for me!ImageArriving at Jubilife City, I received the PokeTech. Before progressing, I fished up a Magikarp on Route 218 with the Old Rod and nicknamed him ‘Jormungand’, after the Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology. It’ll be a lot of work to train up this little guy, but I know it can be done.ImageOn Route 203, I was lucky enough that my first encounter was an Abra. Fearing his escape through Teleport, I lobbed a PokeBall at him immediately. Caught! Say hello to Pythia, after the Oracle at Delphi. On my way through the section of Mt. Coronet that links Route 203 to Oreburugh City, I caught a Psyduck who I nicknamed Hwyaden after the Welsh for that species. I know I’ll be seeing much more of this place in future. In the meantime however, I paid a visit to the Museum before heading over to the Mines for some training.ImageWith a little help from the Miners, my Chimchar evolved into Monferno! I was fearing my defeat at the first gym; Fire being weak to Rock. However, Pithicos learned Mach Punch – this will be more than useful in the upcoming battle with the Gym Leader, Roark.ImageAs it went, Mach Punch turned out to be highly effective against both his Geodude and Onix, but I was a little surprised at seeing a Cranidos on his team – I’d completely forgotten about that! With one last push, I defeated the first Gym Leader of the Sinnoh Region, and aquired my first Badge!ImageYeah, that’s right Roark, suck it.ImageWhich concluded my first hour or two of my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke in conjunction with the Exeter University Pokemon Society! Enigma, signing off.


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And so, my adventures as a Pokémon Trainer in the Sinnoh region is renewed once more. I am Enigma, and this is when my 5th Nuzlocke Challenge commences.

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February 1, 2014 · 11:51 am

I am Enigma

For a couple of years, the pseudonym I chose for all my Pokémon games has been ‘Enigma’. Earlier this year, I had started a Facebook page titled ‘Pokémon Prophet Enigma’ which, at  its peak, reached around 180 likes. This page covered all things Pokémon from anime and gameplay, to new releases and the TCG. I posted pictures, memes, stories, videos; you name it, and all under the tag ‘Enigma’. As the page got progressively larger, I managed to rope on-board a friend to help me manage the page. His pseudonym was ‘Omega’. This gave us far more coverage, and allowed us to post far more frequently. Again, the activity on the page dramatically increased, so we sent out word for a female admin. We eventually found her, and she went by ‘Aela’. Granted, we were by far the biggest group, but we were growing, attracting attention, delivering some really good content.

Everything was going smoothly until exam season came around. Suddenly, everything just stopped. No posts, no activity, no time. Since then, Pokémon Prophet Enigma has been in stasis. Sometimes I consider reviving the page, either with or without my old admins. However, time is always a major factor. This may or may not happen in the near future; who knows. Even if it did, how does one go about undertaking such a difficult task?

This blog has been created with the purpose of keeping track of my 5th Nuzlocke Challenge to date: Pokémon Platinum, in conjunction with the University of Exeter Pokémon Society. On February 1st, my Nuzlocke will begin once again. Without further ado, I hope any followers of this blog will be interested by, and enjoy, my posts.

So, here we are once again. I am Enigma.

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