All Journeys Start Somewhere…

With my Trainer ID ending in a 5, I got to pick Chimchar who I nicknamed ‘Pithicos’ after the Ancient Greek word for ‘monkey’. I have never played through this Generation with a Chimchar before so this should be a new experience for me!ImageArriving at Jubilife City, I received the PokeTech. Before progressing, I fished up a Magikarp on Route 218 with the Old Rod and nicknamed him ‘Jormungand’, after the Midgard Serpent of Norse mythology. It’ll be a lot of work to train up this little guy, but I know it can be done.ImageOn Route 203, I was lucky enough that my first encounter was an Abra. Fearing his escape through Teleport, I lobbed a PokeBall at him immediately. Caught! Say hello to Pythia, after the Oracle at Delphi. On my way through the section of Mt. Coronet that links Route 203 to Oreburugh City, I caught a Psyduck who I nicknamed Hwyaden after the Welsh for that species. I know I’ll be seeing much more of this place in future. In the meantime however, I paid a visit to the Museum before heading over to the Mines for some training.ImageWith a little help from the Miners, my Chimchar evolved into Monferno! I was fearing my defeat at the first gym; Fire being weak to Rock. However, Pithicos learned Mach Punch – this will be more than useful in the upcoming battle with the Gym Leader, Roark.ImageAs it went, Mach Punch turned out to be highly effective against both his Geodude and Onix, but I was a little surprised at seeing a Cranidos on his team – I’d completely forgotten about that! With one last push, I defeated the first Gym Leader of the Sinnoh Region, and aquired my first Badge!ImageYeah, that’s right Roark, suck it.ImageWhich concluded my first hour or two of my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke in conjunction with the Exeter University Pokemon Society! Enigma, signing off.

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2 responses to “All Journeys Start Somewhere…

  1. Harri Williams

    I am loving the names. Particularly the Greek ones. Best of luck!

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